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Speaking Code: Coding as Aesthetic and Political Expression
Text Geoff Cox / Code Alex McLean / Foreword Franco “Bifo” Berardi
Published by MIT Press, Autumn 2012

Speaking Code beautifully folds speech and language, politics, art, and labor into an inspiring analysis. In addition to their clarity in style, Geoff Cox and Alex McLean are not afraid to get their hands dirty with references to the ugly sides of software and unsanitized code, which are too often hidden under the polished covers of contemporary design of digital culture.” – Jussi Parikka, author of Digital Contagions, Insect Media, and What Is Media Archaeology?; Reader in Media & Design at Winchester School of Art, UK

Speaking Code incisively analyzes the forms, expression and action of computer code. In contrast to much loose and diffuse discussion of software, Speaking Code directly engages with code as utterance. Its careful exploration of code-making and code use opens onto much wider issues of power, agency and value. Theoretically nuanced and technically informed, in the precision with which it treats its materials this book really made me sit up and take notice of code.” – Adrian Mackenzie, Sociology, Lancaster University, UK